Blood Bike West

  Voluntary Emergency Rider Service - Serving the Community   

HSE & Hospital Call Out  Phone Number 
087 60 65 035

(The above number is for hospital calls only, please see our contact page or About Us page for general enquiries)

Hours of Service - 7pm-7am Monday to Thursday
7pmFriday-7am Monday (24hr weekend coverage)

Welcome to Blood Bike West

Blood Bike West Limited is a charitable organisation. We are a group of motorbike enthusiasts who volunteer to  provide an emergency out-of-hours FREE service to the HSE in the West of Ireland. 

Our Mission is to act as an Emergency Rider Voluntary Service which aims to relieve sickness and protect health by the provision of transport of urgently needed blood, blood products, patient records, drugs and other medical requirements between hospitals and blood transfusion banks, primarily but not exclusively in the Western Region.   

Our services are offered to any HSE or Private Hospital / Clinic in the Western Region, on an out of hours basis from 7pm to 7am Monday to Thursday and from 7pm on Fridays to 7am on Mondays, with a complete 24hr service over the weekend and on Bank Holidays.

By providing this service we are allowing a massive saving to hospitals in terms of couriers fees, taxi fares and tying up ambulances. 

Our services are provided by volunteers, who have received advanced training through RoSPA and undergo regular reviews of their skills.  They give up their time to serve the community and save lives. Our emergency response vehicles are fully kitted out and specially adapted to carry the products. All our personnel are Garda Vetted and carry official identity cards which are worn at all times whilst on duty. 

Positive Biking

It is well know that many people have a negative image of bikers. People hear of the accidents and assume it was a biker driving too fast (when in reality it was probably a car driver not looking out for a bike, that caused it) or they assume all bikers are big and hairy (now some of them are!) and go around in big 'biker gangs'. This 'stereotype' unfortunately taints all motorcyclists with the same image. 

Our group aims to promote good practice among our volunteer riders. All riders will have to hold an advanced riding qualification to ride our Blood Bike. High-Viz jackets are worn at all times and our bike is marked so that both bike and rider are extremely visible to the public when riding. 

As the bike is so visible it is essential that all riders behave with utmost professionalism at all times. 

When people see Blood Bike Riders carrying out their collections or fundraising are amazed that we exist and are impressed with the work that they do.

Hopefully this message will soon be the one that is passed around about bikers and we can alter peoples opinions of bikers.