About Us

Contact Name & Address:

Blood Bike West Limited

Unit 1F, Deerpark Business Centre,

Oranmore, Co Galway.

Charity Registration Number: CHY20556

Company Registration Number: 511102

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) Number: 20081638

Blood Bike West is an independent limited company with Charitable Status, registered with the Company Registration Office and Revenue Commissioners for tax purposes.

Blood Bike West is neither a member of nor has authorised anyone or any representative body to claim representation of us at any level for any purpose whatsoever.

If you have any queries on any aspect of this, please contact us directly and we'll be happy to provide clarification or any information you require.

Committee for 2023

  • Chair - John Moylan - (Executive)

  • Vice Chair - Liz Brosnan - (Executive)

  • Secretary - Seamus Keating - (Executive)

  • Treasurer - Ed Sweeney - (Executive)

  • Brian Devereux - Fleet Manager & Training Officer

  • Rebecca Kane - Marketing, PR & Social Media

Technical & Support Roles

  • IT & Data Manager - David Johnston

  • Rota Controller - Mark Dobell

  • Controller Manager - Fergus Turner

  • Fundraising - Bridie Lyons

  • Rider Liaison - Chris Blake

  • Membership - Seamus Keating