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Blood Bike West - Emergency call out number

(087) 60 65 035

Our operating hours for delivery services are 7PM to 7am Monday-Friday and 24 hour cover on saturday and sunday

CALLS : We welcome calls in advance of our official cover start times, so please ring us as soon as you know your requirement.  If your call is not answered immediately, leave your details and we will call you back.

If your item is large or awkward and for any reason cannot fit on our motorcycles, we have a van available thanks to our sponsor, Northgate Vehicle Hire.

Blood Bike West is an all-volunteer charitable organisation established to deliver blood, blood samples, human breast-milk and urgent medical supplies, over weekends and over holiday periods, between hospitals, healthcare sites (hospice, clinics, care homes, laboratories etc).   

Our Mission:

"Our mission is to act as an Voluntary Emergency Transportation Service that aims to assist in positive patient outcomes through the efficient and reliable transport of medical consignments between hospitals and other medical care facilities primarily, but not exclusively, in the West of Ireland, at no cost to patients." 

Outside normal office hours, hospitals have no permanent method to transfer urgent medical supplies, scans or test samples between hospitals and other sites.  Blood Bike West offer to carry out this service free of charge, ensuring the limited resources of the health & care providers can be used where they make a difference.  Blood Bike West is funded entirely from charitable donations and aside from some key sponsors for equipment, it is run solely by volunteers, giving their free time to run and deliver the service.

In critical situations, blood or other medical items need to be delivered urgently in order to save a patient's life.  Blood Bikes, with their distinctive livery, emergency lights, and narrow profile, can quickly get through busy traffic reaching the destination quickly and safely.     

For items which won't fit on a motorcycle or during dangerous weather conditions we are grateful to Northgate Vehicle Hire  for their continued sponsorship of our distinctive Blood Bike West van.

Emergency Call Out  Phone Number 

(087) 60 65 035

Please do not use this number for general inquiries - use the link on the Contact Us page - click HERE 

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